Thursday, September 14, 2017


Naturalization Ceremony and Voter Registration
for New Citizens:
September 8, 10:30 AM, Old New Bridge Landing Historical site

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League of Women Voters, Teaneck members relay their perceptions of
the ceremony and their experiences with it:

Shirley Sosland: (cameo appearance in the video)
2017 is my 7th year witnessing the swearing in of new citizens at the Historic Old New Bridge Landing site in Riveredge and registering these citizens to vote.

I have been registering new citizens to vote for over 25 years and it is a privilege to do so.

This year was exceptionally memorable because a member of the Historic New Bridge Landing Commission spoke of 3 immigrants ,Thomas Payne, Alexander Hamilton and Baron Von Steuben and their importance to the American Revolution and to the creation of our country.

Her speech was extremely relevant this year because of the contributions of so many immigrants, who may lose their ability to remain  in this country and we could lose these valued contributors to our society.

                                                                            Barbara Ostroth: 
Several LWV representatives were there on Friday, September 8th at the New Bridge Landing Historical site in New Milford, where 22 people from a dozen different countries took the oath of allegiance to the USA to become new citizens of our country.  

The Teaneck LWV and Bergen County ILO then offered the opportunity for those new citizens to immediately register to vote, and we also gave out information on the process of voting, getting an absentee ballot mailed to them, etc.  The new citizens, surrounded by supportive family and friends, were more than eager to participate in our democracy and registered on the spot!"
    Pictured: ILO members 

Test your understanding of the Citizen Test, Civics.

Future citizens are quizzed orally with 10 out  of 100 possible questions. They must get 6 out of 10 correct.

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