Monday, October 31, 2016

Information on LWV Teaneck's activities for voters

This fall, we had a number of initiatives to register voters, hand out absentee ballot applications, and give people information on how to change their mailing addresses if they moved into or within the township. 

(1) We had someone from the Teaneck LWV at all 7 back-to-school nights for the Teaneck Public Schools and the Teaneck Community Charter School's evening with parents, registering a total of 26 voters, giving out about 70 more forms for people to take home for other members of their family to register as well as about 75-80 mail in forms for absentee ballots.  We also had our league's membership brochures available at the sign-up tables.

(2) We delivered 50 voter registration forms to Ma'ayanot, a local yeshiva high school for girls at their request, to hand out to seniors.  Next year we hope to present them directly to students in senior class meeting.

(3) A member of our league, Shirley Sosland, helped register 28 newly sworn-in citizens along with members of the ILO.

(4) We hosted a Teaneck LWV Candidates Forum for our local Board of Education on October 20th, with Barbara King moderating.  We produced a comprehensive Voters Guide with biographical data and answers to questions from all six candidates running for three spots. This guide was available at the forum and has also been handed out at our local senior citizens center, and posted online on Facebook and the Vote411 site.

(5) A member of our league (myself) attended the Bergen County ILO forum for US district 9 candidates in Englewood, helping to gather written questions from the audience.

(6) Our Teaneck LWV has been very successful in working with Teaneck High School to have a system of ongoing voter registration of all students turning 18 during the school year, managed by the guidance department.  Each student gets an email on their 18th birthday, asking them to report to guidance to register to vote.

Barbara Ostroth
VP, Voter Services
League of Women Voters of Teaneck, NJ

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