Wednesday, June 29, 2016

LWV Teaneck Scholarship Awarded to Woundenberg; Thank You Letter to League

Juliana Woudenberg was the student who won our LWV scholarship this year.  She is going to Baruch Honors College at CUNY. She is studying Geography and Politics with a Minor in NY Studies. She is also interested in Business with an eye to Nonprofits.  She was in the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute during the summer last year for 2 weeks. She is a  well-rounded student, with a class rank of 25th.

The Teaneck Community Scholarship program funds students through donations. The students apply for scholarships in February and then the selection committee reviews the applicants. This culminates with student interviews in late April through early May.    

This year, the scholarships were presented at Teaneck High School on June 16 at Teaneck High School Auditorium.

   Fromthe Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck site:  
 Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck raises funds to provide financial aid to Teaneck residents who are graduating from an accredited high school and who are desirous of obtaining further education, and do not have the financial means to do so.  This scholarship aid is given for the first year of study following high school graduation.

 From 1957 to the present more than 2500 Teaneck high school senior from private and public schools have received scholarship grants.  The awards have ranged from $250 to as much as $2000, depending on need as determined by independent college financial advisors and the students’ high school activities and community service.

Dear Teaneck LWV members,
As you know, each year we donate money to Teaneck's Community Scholarship Fund to support one of Teaneck's graduating seniors with their college expenses.  The eligible students are Teaneck residents who attend private or public high schools, and who apply by writing essays, getting interviewed by the Board of Directors, and collecting donations through canning in front of the post office and in business districts during the spring. 

They submit a financial aid form as well, which is evaluated independently.  The Board has emphasized that the student chosen for the scholarship be interested in public service, political science, civics and/or community service. 
Please click on the link and take a look at the thank you note we got from this year's recipient!
If you would like to donate to our LWV scholarship this year, you can send a check to the treasurer (Pat Libutti) or go on the website,, and donate through PayPal.  Make sure to indicate that this is to be directed to the LWV scholarship.  If you have any questions, let me know!

Barbara Ostroth

VP, Voter Services


Dear League of Women Voters,

Thank you so much for your gift towards my education.

l thought I would outline what I'm planning to do in tne coming years so that you know what your money is going towards.
In the fall of .20161 will leave to travel across Europe doing work exchange opportunities through a service called Workaway, which connects workers/travelers with hosts. I am currently organizing my plan for my year which will hopefully include working in places such as hostels, farms, and community homes. I am particularly interested in among to The Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, and Ireland, but am staying open-minded and  researching opportunities in different countries as well.

ln the fall of 2017 I will be attending Macaulay Honors College@ Baruch. I  have been awarded a full scholarship as well as a $8,000 yearly research stipend and a Macbook Pro. I am planning to pursue a CUNY (City University of New York) BA degree which will allow me to design my own degree. Macaulay allows for me to take classes in any of the CUNY schools, which will be helpful when tackling a degree that wi1l hopefully cover geography, politics, management, public affairs, and any of the intersections that exist between.

l will be dormig􀉪 on the Upper East Side and will need to cook for myself due to the fact that CUNY does not have a meal plan of any kind so these will prove to be very excited for my gap year because it will give me a strong foundation in the field of study I am planning to pursue in college. learning about other cultures through living with people from different countries will introduce me to the kinds of solutions needed for the diverse populations of the world.

Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors. It means more than you can imagine!  

Best Regards,
Julie Wondenberg


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