Saturday, January 23, 2016

LWVT Guide to Program Planning Feb. 24, 2016

February-March 2016-April  

LWV US Program Planning Meeting
Feb. 24, 2016

At the house of Joyce Jacobs 
7:30 PM for a look at 2015 victories

There is a downloadable Program Planning Packet at the end of the article. 

Note: Candidate's Forum. Thursday, April 21st in the 3rd floor Student Center at 7:30PM

LWV US Program Planning Meeting
Feb, 24, 2016

At Joyce Jacob's house 7:30 PM
Board Listing,
League of Women Voters, Teaneck

Arlene Gartenberg, Vice President, Program Planning

Barbara Ostroth, Vice President, Voter Service

Joyce Jacobs, Secretary

Shirley Sosland, Treasurer 

Louise Williams, Membership 


Janet Austin,  Women's History

Doris Thurber, Advocacy


Margot Embree Fisher,  Education

Naomi Cramer, Observer Corps

Patricia O'Brien Libutti, LWVTeaneck Blog


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