Sunday, November 6, 2016

If you missed the TIFF documentary TRAPPED , sponsored by LWVT

This film is crucial to LWV members, since 1979, we have held a position on this subject. Current state's legislation and progress in dismantling it was the film's subject.

Rent it at Netflix.

The synopsis on the Netflix site is as follows:
Amid a political climate that's produced a staggering array of regulations restricting abortion providers, this topical documentary looks at the clinics struggling to provide care and the people going to court to protect women's reproductive rights.

Synopsis prepared by Barbara Ostroth, VP, Voter Service:

Documentary - 90 minutes (
Directed by Dawn Porter
Sponsored by League of Women Voters of Teaneck, NJ
Talkback with Attorney Hillary Schneller, Center for Reproductive Rights; Angela Bonavoglia, author & journalist; Casey Olesko, Planned Parenthood NJ; moderated by Sandi Klein 
OfficialSite - IMDb - Trailer
From 2011 to 2013, hundreds of regulations were passed restricting access to abortion in America. Reproductive rights advocates refer to these as "TRAP" laws, or Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. Trapped interweaves the personal stories behind these regulatory battles: from the physician who crisscrosses the country assuring medical services are available; to the strong women and men who run the clinics; to the lawyers leading the legal charge to eliminate these laws; to the women they are all determined to help.

Monday, October 31, 2016


Election Day Countdown: Get Informed!
Register to Vote

In New Jersey, the voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  
 If you are not registered or need to change your address or name, print out and mail in a voter registration form today!  
Unsure if you are registered or if your information is up to date? Check here. 

Need a Vote by Mail ballot? Vote by Mail ballots (formerly known as absentee ballots) are available for any registered voter for any election - you do not need a reason to request a Vote by Mail ballot, but you must complete an application.

To apply for your Vote by Mail ballot by mail, your County Clerk must receive your application by November 1, 2016. You may also apply in person at your County Clerk's office until 3:00 pm November 7, 2016 (the day before the election).
Learn More About Candidates
The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is thrilled to offer an online voters guide, with all the info voters need to get ready for  Election Day. We asked all the NJ candidates running for U.S. House a series of public policy questions. Visit, enter your address, and see how your candidates responded. Check back often as more races (including county and local races in some areas of that state) are added.  
Read Pros and Cons on Statewide Public Questions
The League of Women Voters of New Jersey offers analyses of the two statewide public questions that will be on the ballot. They are available at VOTE411 and they are also available here:
If you have any questions please call our voter assistance hotline, 1-800-792-VOTE(8683), email us at, tweet us @LWVNJ, or message us on Facebook.

Appreciate this nonpartisan information? Please give a gift today!  
The League of Women Voters of NJ, 204 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608
The League of Women Voters of NJ,
204 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608

Information on LWV Teaneck's activities for voters

This fall, we had a number of initiatives to register voters, hand out absentee ballot applications, and give people information on how to change their mailing addresses if they moved into or within the township. 

(1) We had someone from the Teaneck LWV at all 7 back-to-school nights for the Teaneck Public Schools and the Teaneck Community Charter School's evening with parents, registering a total of 26 voters, giving out about 70 more forms for people to take home for other members of their family to register as well as about 75-80 mail in forms for absentee ballots.  We also had our league's membership brochures available at the sign-up tables.

(2) We delivered 50 voter registration forms to Ma'ayanot, a local yeshiva high school for girls at their request, to hand out to seniors.  Next year we hope to present them directly to students in senior class meeting.

(3) A member of our league, Shirley Sosland, helped register 28 newly sworn-in citizens along with members of the ILO.

(4) We hosted a Teaneck LWV Candidates Forum for our local Board of Education on October 20th, with Barbara King moderating.  We produced a comprehensive Voters Guide with biographical data and answers to questions from all six candidates running for three spots. This guide was available at the forum and has also been handed out at our local senior citizens center, and posted online on Facebook and the Vote411 site.

(5) A member of our league (myself) attended the Bergen County ILO forum for US district 9 candidates in Englewood, helping to gather written questions from the audience.

(6) Our Teaneck LWV has been very successful in working with Teaneck High School to have a system of ongoing voter registration of all students turning 18 during the school year, managed by the guidance department.  Each student gets an email on their 18th birthday, asking them to report to guidance to register to vote.

Barbara Ostroth
VP, Voter Services
League of Women Voters of Teaneck, NJ



October 8, 2016

                I attended the NJ League of Women Voters’ program at Rider University, along with several dozen other LWV members from around the state.  The morning was devoted to updating us on current statistics for voter registration, efforts in various states to either improve or suppress voter registration, and discuss some of the reasons why this is such a challenging topic even in 2016.

                Our first speaker, Jennifer Clark, counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice, discussed a wide variety of nationwide statistics to illustrate how complicated it is to tackle this issue in various states.  Some of the more eye-opening data included:

·         Of the 12 states with the highest percentage of Latino voters in 2008, nine

of them have increased voter restrictions through state legislative efforts.

·         30 states have made major efforts to modernize voter registration systems since 2008

·         1 in 4 adults in the USA are not registered to vote

·         1 in 4 adults do not understand that their voter registration is not automatically

updated when they move, even if they stay within the same state.

·         39 states offer online voter registration (NJ does not, forms can be filled in but must

Be downloaded and printed out for manual signatures, then mailed)

·         23 states offer voter registration at DMVs and some other government agencies

Via electronic transfer (doing both at the same time)

·         16 states have same day registration either at the polling places or through local

Municipal clerk’s offices, to correct inaccuracies as well as register new voters

·         Only 5 states (OR, CA, VT, CT and WV) offer automatic voter registration at all

government offices (DMV, Medicare, SS, etc) with an opt out option, and are

completely paperless

We then heard from a great panel of three women – Elizabeth Matto, director for Youth Political

Participation Program; Mary Ciccone, attorney for Disability Rights NJ; and Analilia Mejia, Exec. Director, NJ Working Families Alliance.  Ms. Matto gave us a very interesting breakdown of potential voters in the “Millenial” generation (those born after 1981) with eye-opening statistics:

·         77 million potential voters, most ethnically diverse generation

·         Well educated, but economically vulnerable (burdened by student loan debt, contract jobs

that often don’t offer benefits, unable to save up enough in their 20s to be completely  independent from parents, etc.

·         Completely computer literate, also impatient with cumbersome processes of voter registration (too impatient with too many steps in the system)

·         Move around often, sometimes within the same year

·         No loyalty to brands, political parties, etc. – apolitical independent voters

·         Have often received little or no civics education in middle or high schools, unaware of why we pay taxes for government services, etc.

The second speaker outlined the challenges of registering more disabled voters, such as

transportation, some having inability to sign documents, etc.  This population includes many senior citizens (including those in assisted living), those born with disabilities, the mentally ill, etc.  Often, if then if they can use newly developed computer screen readers, they cannot register online, or have electronic signatures validated when they go to vote on election day.  The third speaker talked about efforts to reach out to the working poor, lobbying NJ legislators with the recent package of bills designed to update our voter registration processes like online registration, automatic registration at government offices, etc. which were supported by a bipartisan effort but vetoed by Governor Christie.  She emphasized that league members must interact with our state legislators to build up their resolve to pass this legislation again with veto-proof support.

Overall, the program was very empowering, and we were strongly encouraged to maintain ongoing contact with the LWV-NJ’s lobbyists and contact our local legislators to support our Voting Reform Platform:

1.       Online Voter Registration

2.       Automatic Voter Registration

3.       In-Person Early Voting (not uniformly offered in all NJ counties)

4.       Same Day Voter Registration

5.       Rights Restoration for People with Criminal Convictions in their Past

6.       Portable Voter Registration (automatic updating offered at polling places)

Barbara Ostroth

VP, Voter Services

Teaneck LWV

Friday, October 7, 2016

VOTERS GUIDE for Candidates' Forum BOE scheduled: Tues. 10/18th, 7:30 PM, Teaneck HighSchool

The League of Women Voters of



Teaneck had a BOE Candidates’ Forum on Tuesday, October 18th, 7:30PM, in the 3rd Floor Student Center of Teaneck High School.  

This forum, which was run by an independent professionally-trained moderator,  included participation by all six candidates running for three Teaneck Board of Education positions in November.

The public was invited to come and ask questions of the candidates, and were  also provided with a copy of the LWV Voters Guide with candidates’ answers to three advance questions as well as their biographical information.  

The non-partisan Teaneck League of Women Voters has been active in hosting candidates’ forums, voter registration as well as participating in discussions and studies on local and state current events issues for over 65 years.  

Handicapped access is  available from the courtyard parking lot off Elizabeth Street.  
For additional questions regarding this forum, call Barbara Ostroth (Teaneck LWV,VP Voter Services) at 201-965-3105.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

LWV Teaneck Calendar September-October 2016

LWVT Links


Back to School night at Bryant Sept. 13

Back to School night at Whittier, Lowell, Hawthorne Sept. 20

Back to School night at Bryant Sept. 13

Back to School night at Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and
     Teaneck  High School: Sept. 29

BOARD MEETING Sept. 14  7:30 PM Arlene's house.

CANDIDATES' FORUM, BOE, Oct. 18, 2016, 7:30 PM. Teaneck High School

BOARD MEETING Oct. 26 Barbara's house 7:30 PM

Check the Candidate Forums, ILO

Candidate Forums ILO

Friday, July 22, 2016

Women's Equality Day: August 26, 2016

Images of Women's  Equality Day:(L-R:) Bella Abzug, Gender Pay Disparity, Silicon Valley celebration (National Women's Equality Day), Pictures of Woman's Equality Day, Rosie the Riveter, Suffragist March for Votes, Poster celebrating women's equality, women's diversity.

On August 26, we celebrate the right of women in the United States to vote. It was granted in August, 1920, to honor the memory of all women, especially those who labored long and hard to obtain the vote for women.

The League of Women Voters-New Jersey history was prepared by Dr. Fernanda Perrone of the Special Collections Department, Rutgers University Libraries. She described the history decade by decade. The abridged history is available on the LWVNJ web site.

The first set of LWVNJ Minutes, April, 1920, is  visible on the web, courtesy of Rutgers University Libraries, which houses all the papers from 1920 through 1991.

The records for each chapter are archived. (The files  of League of Women Voters, Teaneck 1952-1985, is contained in Box  40, files 1-3, should anyone be curious.) 

Women's History &  LWV 

 Women's History:L
ibrary of Congress American Memory: 

"Votes for Women" Suffrage Pictures

Women of Protest: 

Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party

Exhibits Featuring Women

Suffragists Oral History Project

About Alice Paul: Web site.

Worth Reading:

Histories of the struggle, the attainment and the Suffragist movement

  Suffragists to Remember
From University of Maryland, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities 

From top: Alice Stone Blackwell, Inez Belmont, Lucy Burns, Susan Anthony,  Alice Paul, Anna Howard Shaw, Lillian Feikart and Carrie Chapman Catt. All of these women were suffragists who formed the foundation of the League of Women Voters


LWVT Events September 2016



Back to School night at Bryant Sept. 13

Back to School night at Whittier, Lowell, Hawthorne Sept. 20

Back to School night at Bryant Sept.Sept. 13

Back to School night at Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and
     Teaneck  High School: Sept. 29 

BOARD MEETING Sept. 14  7:30 PM Arlene's house.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

League of Women Voters of Teaneck: The Year in Review

LWV Teaneck Scholarship Awarded to Woundenberg; Thank You Letter to League

Juliana Woudenberg was the student who won our LWV scholarship this year.  She is going to Baruch Honors College at CUNY. She is studying Geography and Politics with a Minor in NY Studies. She is also interested in Business with an eye to Nonprofits.  She was in the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute during the summer last year for 2 weeks. She is a  well-rounded student, with a class rank of 25th.

The Teaneck Community Scholarship program funds students through donations. The students apply for scholarships in February and then the selection committee reviews the applicants. This culminates with student interviews in late April through early May.    

This year, the scholarships were presented at Teaneck High School on June 16 at Teaneck High School Auditorium.

   Fromthe Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck site:  
 Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck raises funds to provide financial aid to Teaneck residents who are graduating from an accredited high school and who are desirous of obtaining further education, and do not have the financial means to do so.  This scholarship aid is given for the first year of study following high school graduation.

 From 1957 to the present more than 2500 Teaneck high school senior from private and public schools have received scholarship grants.  The awards have ranged from $250 to as much as $2000, depending on need as determined by independent college financial advisors and the students’ high school activities and community service.

Dear Teaneck LWV members,
As you know, each year we donate money to Teaneck's Community Scholarship Fund to support one of Teaneck's graduating seniors with their college expenses.  The eligible students are Teaneck residents who attend private or public high schools, and who apply by writing essays, getting interviewed by the Board of Directors, and collecting donations through canning in front of the post office and in business districts during the spring. 

They submit a financial aid form as well, which is evaluated independently.  The Board has emphasized that the student chosen for the scholarship be interested in public service, political science, civics and/or community service. 
Please click on the link and take a look at the thank you note we got from this year's recipient!
If you would like to donate to our LWV scholarship this year, you can send a check to the treasurer (Pat Libutti) or go on the website,, and donate through PayPal.  Make sure to indicate that this is to be directed to the LWV scholarship.  If you have any questions, let me know!

Barbara Ostroth

VP, Voter Services


Dear League of Women Voters,

Thank you so much for your gift towards my education.

l thought I would outline what I'm planning to do in tne coming years so that you know what your money is going towards.
In the fall of .20161 will leave to travel across Europe doing work exchange opportunities through a service called Workaway, which connects workers/travelers with hosts. I am currently organizing my plan for my year which will hopefully include working in places such as hostels, farms, and community homes. I am particularly interested in among to The Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Italy, and Ireland, but am staying open-minded and  researching opportunities in different countries as well.

ln the fall of 2017 I will be attending Macaulay Honors College@ Baruch. I  have been awarded a full scholarship as well as a $8,000 yearly research stipend and a Macbook Pro. I am planning to pursue a CUNY (City University of New York) BA degree which will allow me to design my own degree. Macaulay allows for me to take classes in any of the CUNY schools, which will be helpful when tackling a degree that wi1l hopefully cover geography, politics, management, public affairs, and any of the intersections that exist between.

l will be dormigô€‰ª on the Upper East Side and will need to cook for myself due to the fact that CUNY does not have a meal plan of any kind so these will prove to be very excited for my gap year because it will give me a strong foundation in the field of study I am planning to pursue in college. learning about other cultures through living with people from different countries will introduce me to the kinds of solutions needed for the diverse populations of the world.

Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors. It means more than you can imagine!  

Best Regards,
Julie Wondenberg