Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Upcoming Events

Naturalization ceremony and Voter registration for new citizens:
September 8, 10:30 AM, Old New Bridge Landing Historical site.

Board Meeting: September 14, 2017, Arlene's house

LWV Teaneck Board List  2016-2017


Arlene Gartenberg, Vice President, Program Planning

Barbara Ostroth, Vice President, Voter Service

Joyce Jacobs, Secretary

Patricia Libutti, Treasurer 

Shirley Sosland, Membership 


Janet Austin and  Patricia Libutti,  Women's History

Doris Thurber, Advocacy

Patricia  Libutti, LWVTeaneck Blog/Facebook page


Margot Embree Fisher,  Education

Naomi Cramer, Observer Corps


Saturday, June 24, 2017

LWV Teaneck 2017 Community Scholarship Winner: Zipporah Olukanni

Zipporah Olukanni was educated in the Teaneck Public Schools, attending Hawthorne Elementary School,  Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Teaneck High School. She served on the Student Council at THS, and also achieved the gold, silver and bronze levels of the Girl Scouts. Zipporah has been an excellent student and earned a final class rank of 70/318.

She will be attending Howard University this fall to major in political science.  She wants to make a difference in the lives of the disabled, serving as a champion for people with disabilities and wants to be an active participant in government. These achievements made her an excellent choice for the 2017 LWV scholarship, which was awarded this year in memory of our longtime member and former Teaneck mayor Eleanor Kieliszek ,who recently passed away.  

Visit the Community Scholarship Fund of Teaneck site for more information.

Below: Thirty-four Teaneck High seniors received scholarships on June 15, 2017.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Eleanor Kielizcek, former LWVT member, passed away

A longtime former LWV member has passed away -- Eleanor Kielizcek.  


Articles about Eleanor's role in the civic health of Teaneck are  in the Virtual Village digital datanase:

Several pictures of Eleanor show her many civic involvements.
Readers are urged to send in more for posting  to Pat Libutti:

Eleanor with Garden Club members Grace Kriegel and Julia Condit celebrating the Centennial Herb Garden, for which she overturned the first shovelful of dirt.

Below: Eleanor  with Garden Club Herb group at Grace Kriegel Herb Garden Dedication at Library, 1996.   Nancy Cochrane is now the Herb Garden Group Chair.

Eleanor with Kay Hower celebrating the fortieth anniversary of LWVT's founding . Eleanor was Mayor for the second time.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Sixty Five Years of a Grand Idea! Highlights of Accomplishments of The League of Women Voters of Teaneck 2016-2017

Sixty Five Years of a Grand Idea! Highlights of Accomplishments of
The League of Women Voters of Teaneck 2016-2017

Click on

to see our history, illustrated

• Registered voters at back to school nights

• Held a Candidate forum

• Made Consensus recommendations on Sexual Assault on College Campuses study

• Participated in Women's March in Washington and Trenton, January 21st
• Made recommendations to LWVNJ on program planning agenda for 2018

•Supported advocacy initiatives via letters and member telephone calls to member of Congress and the state legislature

•Regularly monitored Teaneck town council, Board of Education and developments in Washington and Trenton in the education arena

• Used our blog,,  for ongoing communication and education of our members and the public

•Sponsored and participated in the selection of a Teaneck High School student for a scholarship through Teaneck Community Scholarship Fund

•Held a discussion for Women’s History Month on Protest and Power: Women’s Rights in America.

Sixty-five Years of a Grand Idea: LWVTeaneck HISTORY: 1952-2017

Sixty-five  Years  of a Grand Idea:
History of the League of Women Voters of Teaneck

May 2017


June 29, 2015 League of Women Voters of Teaneck Earns Award at Convention  
(Suburbanite, July 16, 2015)

October 15, 2014 League of Women Voters of Teaneck Concludes Study of Charter Schools (Suburbanite, November 6, 2014)

To the editor,
This August, our nation honors the 49th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965, the historic civil

Patch Oct. 2012 LWV Guide: Teaneck School Board CandidatesThe candidates for Teaneck's Board of Education respond to questions ranging from test scores to outsourcing.

The League of Women Voters of Teaneck and Teaneck Council of Parents and Teachers has scheduled a Candidates’ Forum for the upcoming Board of Education election, Monday, Oct. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Sen. Loretta Weinberg (at podium) and Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin  presented LWV Teaneck with a certificate of appreciation "celebrating 90 years of  voting privileges."( The Suburbanite, Oct. 7, 2010  Teaneck women honor 90th anniversary of Amendment)

July 15, 2010
League of Women Voters of Teaneck  Elects Officers
The 58th annual meeting of the League of Women Voters of Teaneck (LWV-Teaneck) took place on June 28 at the home of Marjorie Hirschberg in Cresskill.



Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Materials for the Current Study: Sexual Assault on College Campuses

                               Consensus Study Materials:

                   Sexual Assault on College Campuses

At the May 2015 LWVNJ Convention, delegates adopted a study of Campus Sexual Assault due to the sense of epidemic proportions and visibility of the problem on the nation's and New Jersey's campuses. The League adopted this study because we note with alarm the increase, or at least the increase in reporting, of campus sexual assault and want to determine how best to respond to alleged sexual assault on students in college communities. The formal scope of the study adopted at Convention was as follows:

The Consensus meeting will be on Wed. Feb. 8th, Arlene's house.
The study will consider the following issues/questions:
How should sexual assault be defined? Here we want consider sexual assault on men as well as women as well as what constitutes consent.

What is the appropriate role for local law enforcement and for campus student services?

What are viable means of prevention that all campuses should implement?

In this regard, what is the role of men in eliminating gender-based violence?

Resources and Study Materials: